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Support our film

UPDATE: We are in the process of entering film festivals and need your help!  We were unable to reach our funding goals through kickstarter, but the show must go on! 

If you would like to support our film we would still love your support! Please consider one of the following ways you can join us on this exciting journey! 

1. Fund donations, to be used 100% towards film festivals costs and public relations, with the goal of getting the film and its message to as many as possible. Donations can be sent through Venmo (@emmagmusic or @gene-sizemore) or through Paypal ( or

2. Social Media, please follow @emmagmusic and @genesizemore on instagram and help share our posts and stories to your followers! 


Why we are making this film

The pandemic has hit all of us very hard, some harder than others. We wanted to make this film in order to explore the connection between physical and emotional strength through music and songwriting. Music has a huge impact on all of us and the way Emma G confronts  her struggles through song, and continues to help others do the same, is a story that we believe needs to be told!  

We can do this with your help!


- Gene Sizemore, Director

  Snapture Productions

About Snapture Productions

Snapture Productions is a Film and Digital Content company founded in 2019 by Gene Sizemore. 

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