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Rewriting the narrative behind the misconceptions of what it means to be an artist; singer/songwriter/artivist/author Emma G uses the power of her melodies, lyrics and music to hammer home messages of radical compassion, love, the strength of vulnerability, and empowerment with a soul-pop/rock sound that is engaging, inspiring and appealing to a hugely diverse audience.

With an eclectic sound that is a combination of Pink, Sia, Natalie Merchant, Amy Winehouse, and Alanis Morrissette, Emma G has spent the entirety of 2020 releasing a new single at least every six weeks. She also established the Transformational Coaching: Empowerment through Music and Songwriting program, as well a 47-episode first season of her #REALTALK with Emma G podcast and The Songs that Changed my Life podcast.


Emma G is also the founder of the Capitol Groove Collective: who released their first collaborative project "Dig Deep" in August of 2020 as a direct response to the murder of George Floyd.


Washingtonian Magazine dubbed Emma G as one of the “Best of DC”. ANR Factory describes her voice as "poignant and beautiful” with “astounding bravery to speak up” on issues that matter to her, and DC Fray recently celebrated the music empire that Emma G has been steadily building over the last few years; even through the COVID pandemic that has, quite literally, plagued the world for a majority of 2020.

So where did Emma G’s bravery and grit come from? A long history of health issues, brain surgeries, battles with depression and suicide, drug addiction, and sexual assault, yet using the power of songwriting and music to find the inner strength to come out the other side positively: singing her truth.

“We aren't the product of what happens to us, it's all about how we respond" explains Emma G.


“Life is energy, and it’s up to us to decide how we wish to manifest that energy. We can either get swallowed by the moment, or we can take the bullsh*t; turn it into fertilizer, and use it to plant our own garden. I hope that when people hear my music; they fall in love with themselves again - they believe in themselves again - they believe in each other again. We are all powerful beyond measure*, and the change starts with us - will you join me?"”.

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