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After finishing her write-a-song-a-day challenge in February, 2021, Emma G is turning the challenge into a short film documenting

- the importance of, and relationship between our physical, spiritual, mental, emotional and creative health


- the power of music when it comes to turning our struggles into superpowers


- the importance of building strong foundations for resilience and creative expression: especially in today's global pandemic.


"Born in Crisis" gives special reference to Emma G's own medical trauma, having had 10 brain surgeries, and talks a great deal about her write a song a day challenge, the topics she wrote about [brain surgery and scars, finding her identity, anti-racism, self love and all that good stuff], the album she's recording as a result, and how important it is to teach these skills of resilience to teenagers.

Film Poster.Bornincrisis v2.jpg

Teaser #1

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