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Emma G

Born in Crisis : Turning Struggle into Song

When the pandemic erupted across the globe; the world shut down, people self-isolated, and the ramifications were felt everywhere.

However, independent singer-songwriter Emma G is no stranger to crisis, and decided this was her opportunity to make lemonade. Born with a relatively rare health condition called hydrocephalus; Emma G had her first brain surgery at just 4months of age. Since then, she has had 23 more surgeries [10 brain surgeries in total] and found music and songwriting to be the answer to helping her express herself, heal herself, and - quite literally - regrow parts of her brain cognition that were negatively affected by brain damage.

So, in the wake of the COVID outbreak in March, 2020, Emma G decided to use her time wisely - and creatively: focusing on her emotional health journey.


Culminating in a 30 day "write-a-song-a-day challenge" that Emma G set for herself in February of 2021.

Local independent filmmaker, Gene Sizemore, in the film “Born in Crisis”, explores Emma G’s writing and recording process, as well as how powerful music plays a part in every facet of our lives.

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